Homoeopathic agriculture pioneers

Around Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, GSR Murthy (or Murthi) began to work with homoeopathy and plants. He says of this:

"The urge to save the withering plants in summer led me to the invention of this new science “Homoeopathy in Agriculture”. Perhaps the Gods of the Vegetable kingdom have chosen me as a medium. My Master’s advise to take this as a life work and to be consistent in this pursuit, had given me the courage to take up this task single handed with no financial back up. However I could do it with their blessings. Of course CAPART had supported to some extent. As the ultimate aim is the yields, it is imperative to compare with the existing NPK and so in all the experiments the yields under “Homoeo” are compared with “Chemical Fertilizers” and also to “no manure”. The data on crops raised more frequently is compiled & brought in a book form for information of all concerned. With great difficulty I could compile the data of these 30 years of work, as it may be useful for somebody to continue and establish as a science by itself after ‘His’ call to me. Dedicating this to the Gods of Vegetable Kingdom. I remain. GSR Murthi."

Dr Murthy has granted permission for his work to be made available here and you can download the fruits of his first 30 years of work here and more recent research here.

In essence Dr Murthy has shown that homoeopathically prepared nitrogen, potassium and phophorus (the major 'plant foods' and, therefore, fertiliser components) give equivalent yields to the standard physically present NPK recommended for the same crops. Both these give better yields than the same crop without added fertility. This amazed me! Disease issues were reduced and often the crop was heavier.

He has also made homoeopathic preparations for strengthening crops against the ravages of pest and disease. I have no details of this part of Dr Murthy's work but they differ for different crops so one assumes that this work is somewhat advanced.