Homoeopathic agriculture pioneers

Maye Bruce joined the BD experimental circle in the UK, but couldn't understand why animal organs were involved. She come to the conviction that 'the herbs are enough'. She parted company with the BD folk and developed her own 'Quick Return' method based on homoeopathic dilutions of the preparation herbs, and honey. She used these only for compost heaps and wrote about this work extensively.

She remained interested in the living nature of the organic processes, and would not see them as just chemical processes. She ends her book with the 'Conviction'; - "The Divinity that sleeps in the stones, stirs in the plants, wakes in animals and is conscious alone in man."

Recently there has been more interest in these 'vegan preparations' in Scandinavia and we look forward to hearing how their research progresses. This has particularly taken on some relevance as use of the sheaths - the animal parts in which the herbs are processed - have become officially restricted materials following BSE. (cf Steiner on Oxen eating meat.) Chase Organics now sells her QR in the UK. There is no equivalent of the field sprays in the QR range.