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Considera's wish list

So we have achieved some things but have so much more to do. Considera has development plans and goals. However, we seem unable to attract interest from academic researchers - no doubt it is academic suicide to investigate these ideas - and we do not seem to be able to attract grants until we have some greater track record. So we are balancing frustration and patience and we will see what and how we can add to our achievements to date. This is what I think we need to help us push ahead:

  • Your interest and activity; - of the several ways to support this work, the first and foremost is to do diligent experiments using zero-residue preparations on your soils, plants and composts. Then make careful observations and share them. Without this Considera is just more digital noise.
  • Assistance; - if you can help carry the financial cost of creating and maintaining the site you can do this on the web with a credit card right here, or get in touch and we can arrange a way that a percentage doesn't go to a digital bank. No amount is too large!
  • Your feedback.

For the biodynamically/anthroposophically minded there is an article which suggests a way forward.