Planting by the Stars - Methods

At its most basic, similar seeds are planted in similar soils at different times. (More details on the 'experimental procedure' can be found here.) Differences in the outcomes or harvest of these comparable plantings are recorded and submitted to this site on the page called 'Submit Data', or by using the results sheet [no longer!] available for download. The information will be collected in a database for analysis.

Computer software has been developed to look for patterns when comparing results of any activity which takes place at a given time and place, and whose results can be evaluated.

Initially we can only rely on those results which have been noted and submitted by those already interested in this 'chrono-biology'. These will be re-evaluated by the computer software we have garnered and developed.

We hope many, including yourself, will add results as the project gathers momentum. We will encourage gardeners and farmers, schools and colleges, to make experiments to increase the information available. Perhaps you can assist by letting interested parties know of this work. This way we intend to make the recommendations increasingly authoritative.