Homoeopathic agriculture pioneers

At the end of 2006, Glen Atkinson was teaching at The Biodynamic Agricultural College in the UK. The course facilitator had arranged for Enzo Nastati of the association "L'Albero della Vita" (now the L'Arca della Vita) to attend to meet Glen. It was made possible for Enzo to address students for a two hour session through his interpreter Claudio Zenette. In this brief time Enzo outlined the farm individuality and the innovative approach which he and his colleagues have developed upon the basis of biodynamic agriculture. It left everyone hungry for more and in no doubt that we were listening to something a bit special. Three days were then arranged in May of 2007 to deepen familiarity in the UK. A week long introductory course took place in January 2008, a shorter more in depth course in November 2009. The Association also organizes courses and seminars to teach the homeodynamic method of agriculture and offers its members services such as advice on garden or farm planning.

The association "L'Arca della Vita" was formed in Trieste in April 1991 as an autonomous structure of the "Group for the Regeneration of the Seeds" that had operated since 1987 within the "Association for Biodynamic Agriculture" in Milan, Italy. (L'albero della vita (Tree of Life) is an assocation with members, the food produced is sold through the New Earth Coop (Nuova Terra) and the research is done via Eureka.)

Working on seed regeneration has given the association a chance to study the intimate laws of plant development. Thanks to the study of the planetary and zodiacal laws that regulate the development of the plant kingdom, they have been able to strengthen varieties of plants. A thorough study of the biodynamic preparations and their use has been extremely useful to achieve this goal.

This research focused upon the influence of the preparations and, secondly, ways to set the farmer free from an over-rigid connection with the macrocosmic laws of timing that can arise when using an agricultural calendar. This is how the application of potentised remedies to the plant kingdom began.

In these years of study, research and experimentation, the fields of interest have gradually increased and there are now 150 preparations for agriculture alone which now include products for purification of plants and soils, repellents for parasites and weeds, stimulators of the principal functions of the plant, seed baths that stimulate particular impulses in the plants, and microclimatic products that help the plants suffering from meteorological stress, etc.

The Association has gradually expanded its efforts abroad and has active collaborators around the world. Many of its publications are now translated into English.