Homoeopathic agriculture pioneers

There is an unremarkable industrial unit in Constance Germany. The wood pellet boiler is of interest and there are some seed trays outside which look as if someone is caring for them.

But inside there is something very remarkable. It is to here that Konrad and Rolf Würthle have had to move as their business requires them to move to larger premises yet again. Originally herbal pharmacists, their work is now dominated by the results of research they began in the 1980s in response to the dying forests suffering under the acid rain. You will not be surprised to hear that they mainly make homoeopathically potentised remedies for plants. The range is currently only about half a dozen formulations. There is a general tonic, another one for roses, one for mildews and fungae, one for water and a few more.

Like the preparations of BdMax, most of remedies are sold to standard businesses who buy them because they work! These businesses are rarely organic let alone biodynamic but still these homoeopathic remedies do what they claim.

In Germany the legislation allows such 'soft' treatment to proceed as long as the ingredients are listed and the products registered. We hope for harmonisation to allow for this in other countries in the EU.

They keep a list of articles on their site here.