Homoeopathic agriculture pioneers

Another development from the 'classical' preparations has been the work of Hugo Erbe. Erbe developed grains from wild grasses using his own preparations in addition to the classical ones. For instance he developed a clay preparation, one that Steiner intimated he would describe but seems to have fallen off the end of the Agriculture course. (See this summary and Nikolaus Remer's book), and others for seeds, young plants, trees, frost and storm protection. 21 are described.

Erbe seems to have been able to develop his faculties so that he could communicate with the Elemental Beings in Nature. This enabled him to get quick feedback on the reception of his preparations. Until recently his work has been restricted to the German speakers but, thanks to the Biodynamic seminar in the UK who organised an excellent translation to be be prepared by Paul Carline, it is now available in English.

These preparations have not been researched as much as the classical preparations, and some of the ingredients are difficult to obtain - for regulatory reasons again. However, some can be made without troubling the authorities; the Three Kings Preparation seems to have captured the imagination of the BD community. There is a photo-journal of making the 'Harmonising Preparation' on this site.

At the moment I know of no commercial source for all of these preparations though the book does explain how these preparations should be made.