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508 - Sporangia Equisetum

Public domain preparation

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Named Issues
Blight (310)
Powdery mildew (1854)
General Appearance
I sprayed this prep on potatoes after stirring for a 20 minutes by hand. I stir all my preps by hand even for a hour. I could never get the flowering process of the potatoes to work its way up to the stem and give me flowers on top. I always got blight and the flowering worked itself out in the lower region too early. After spraying the prep from the hoof the flowering came right up the stem to the top and gave me flowers as if a light had been turned on. I was so happy I would go to the flowers most days and smell them. (Experience based on the suggestions of Enzo Nastati in his Commentary on Dr Steiner's Agriculture Course page 231) (310)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Generative organs
I have not done any plant trials with Bidor yet, but combined with Cinnabar and [sporangia] Equisetum we may have something very special in the ‘fight’ against hot dry fungal problems and various insect pests. My trials with cinnabar on Grapes have shown encouraging results. (1854)
Notes and Academic Papers
If the ‘external’ stimuli comes from the World Astrality, which can again be chemical toxicities, or the physical realities of too much Light and Heat, and too little water, then we have a different situation. This is the circumstance for Powdery Mildew type fungus, especially the varieties we find on Grapes. There are Powdery Mildews that appear under the ‘moist’ circumstances, and respond to the first remedy, cucurbits and the like, however the grapes have something else going on, that Equisetum appears to be only partially effective on .... From the earlier section it is apparent that the spring shoots are more appropriate for this type of fungus. The extra Sulphur content of these shoots work to stimulate the inner light processes, and to combine with the Etheric processes, expressed by the Earthly Forces. This combined activity in the metabolism, will push off the too strong World processes, coming from any direction. If however, Horsetail does not connect with the Earthly Forces, due to the summer form being used as a tea, it could easily cause too much astral activity in general, and make matters worse. Here we are wanting ’ the spring ‘evening shoot’ , highest in Sulphur, to cause the astrality to move outwards’. (1854)

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