Planting by the Stars - Times That Hinder

Just to remind you, these are the recommendations inherited before Considera has gathered and analysed enough data to make independent recommendations. They are, therefore, primarily influenced by Maria Thun, Nick Kollerstrom, Brian Keats and Rudolf Steiner. My ear is not yet sufficiently tuned to say that these people are definitely 'singing from the same hymn sheet'. These recommendations are based on the rhythms mentioned above but these rhythms are not synchronised for a simple summation in ones favour; the Moon may say 'yes' in her phase, and 'no' in her sidereal alignments!

The Moon should not be being eclipsed, or passing through potential eclipse situations such as the nodes or conjunctions with other bodies (primarily the Sun). Perigee and apogee need to be fully understood or avoided.

Moon conjunctions, particularly when eclipsing, or square to other planets are to be avoided. Retrograde periods are not ideal!

Although it is hard to say that there are elemental opposites (imagine a triangular based pyramid with an element at each apex rather than a cross of the elements) one could say that since the element days proceed through time as  ... earth... air... water... fire ... earth ... one could make this progress a sine wave and say that water is 'opposite' earth and, therefore, an 'earth trough', whereas, relative to earth, fire and air are neutral. (See Nick Kollerstrom's analysis of the 1978 radish trails for results suggesting this - pdf link.) This would suggest that water trigons should be avoided for roots etc. However, in general, if the elemental cycle is not in currently favourable consider (amongst all the other variables such as weather, your life committments etc) waiting to sow or plant at a favoured time.

Planting with the Moon ascending will not be as favourable as when the Moon is descending for establishing good root contact to the Earth.

Waning Moon, afternoon, and descending Moon are times for returning of vitality to the earth; an inhalation. This suggests they are inappropriate times when vitality is required above, such as taking of cuttings, harvesting of soon to be eaten food. (NB moulds are seen as one indication of too much, uncontained,vitality!)

The waxing Moon would be inappropriate for stored produce, pruning etc.