Planting by the Stars - Assumptions

As far as possible one should establish a firm foundation for research by being aware of ones own assumptions. Not only is this essential for any attempts at expansion of knowledge, its near-absence is central to the criticism of the dominant paradigm. Few of our scientific institutions look back at the basis upon which they build their own work or condemn the 'heretical' work of others like Considera.


Assumptions relating to the hypothesis

  • We have adopted the hypothesis that a crucial point in a plant's 'biography' is the time it is put into its final growing place and medium. This is when the seed is sown or, if it needs transplanting, when the seedling is planted out.
  • We assume that there are several overlapping influential cosmic rhythms that can be differentiated.
  • We assume that we can gather enough results for these patterns to emerge.


Assumptions relating to the project

  • Whilst we realise that the project sinks or swims on the quality of the experiments that we all undertake, we assume (OK, pray!) that anyone who is interested enough to undertake this work will not jeopardise it with careless work (or by active vandalism!)
  • We assume that mundane parameters can be isolated by good experiments and analysis, and by collating enough results.
  • We assume that there are enough people willing to entertain the thesis to join in and make diligent experiments based on a commom procedure.
  • We assume that we are not wasting our or your time. There has been a lot of research which suggests that there are repeatable and measurable effects, but this research is not (yet) unanimous in its recommendations!