Considera was started by one programmer from Tallinn enabling the vision of a BD-curious individual from the UK. The 'I' on this site is this second person - Mark. Hi! Email me if you like.

The rest of the team are people who want to join in from wherever they happen to be in the world. They are gardeners and farmers, and independent researchers and thinkers like you folk. Yes it's you! Everyone is invited to empower themselves to join in the search for a safe and effective agriculture.

'Considera' comes from two latin words and means 'with the stars'. Lurking in the English language is this clue that, in times of old, to give something one's consideration was to observe the stars' positions before initiating a task or making a decision, so that disaster (dys & aster) might be avoided. These starry 'influences' (that which flows inwards) are now usually considered pre-scientific.

It may be that all the cultures across the world and through history gave credence to an organised bunch of con-artists spouting the same astrological garbage, to feel comfort in the face of the unpredictable, harsh and varied world not yet blessed with Science. Considera considers that this conjecture is not yet scientifically proven.