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ZeroIn or ZI

Commercial formulation

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Named Issues
Fruit Splitting (4)
Potato yield - earlier harvest (4)
Splitting (46)
General Appearance
Water uptake reduced thus increasing dry matter elvels in periods of rain just prior to harvest, and reduces splitting of fruit. Reduces plants inclination to go to seed. Enhances root growth so useful as an end of season spray. ZeroIn achieves its effects naturally through focusing the plant's growth into the roots of the plant. This retards upward sap flow to the top of the plant thus reducing water flow during rain events. The ‘side effects' of this process is to reduce fruit bursting, maintaining fruit at its existing size and condition, retarding plants going to seed and encourages root growth. (4)
Enhances root growth - Kumura were planted in the late Oct 2005. In February of 2006 three applications of ZeroIn were applied to half of the area. Applications were 10 days apart. The harvest trial was done on the 20th March 2006. 2 meters of beds from sprayed and unsprayed areas were dug and weighed. The sprayed area provided 25 lbs of kumura and the unsprayed area provided 20 lbs of kumura. This represents a 25% increase in yield. Carrots grew through the winter and in the spring, after two applications of ZeroIn less than 5% went off to seed. Kiwifruit sprayed twice after picking, the root growth through the autumn and winter was more vigorous, white and straight. (4)
ZeroIn sprayed on potatoes after flowering sped up the withdrawal of the tops into the tubers by three weeks. This resulted in a earlier harvest but also a 25% increase in tuber weight for the same period of harvest. (BdMax newsletter Spring 2007.) (4)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Generative organs
One application of ZeroIn applied when the figs were 2 cm in circumference, held the fruit at that size for the next month. They then grew normally and were very sweet at harvest. Gill Cole — MSc In early February the plums were ripe. Two applications of ZeroIn were applied before several days of heavy rain. Very few split or rotted and we were still harvesting them two weeks later- Peter Bacchus Trials on ripening grapes in the Hawkes Bay showed that in the last month of growth, with two applications of ZeroIn a week apart, bunch size remained the same while the Brix levels rose normally. Three rain events occurred during this period. Bunch weight was expected to rise from 80 gms to 140 gms. Similar trials on figs showed the same result. On ready to pick Gold Kiwifruit, after two applications of ZeroIn a week apart, followed by 10 days of rain, the Dry Matter levels were 7% higher in the treated area. The TZI (Taste Zespri Indicator) was 30% higher. This achieved mostly due to the evenness of Dry Matter readings over the sample. (4)
[April 2009] We finish harvest early next week. Looks like some bad weather coming around then so we just might make it through. I used Zeroin and FungalMin twice on our red grapes and I am really happy with this and will use it more and again next year. Good ripeness, no splitting and a little dehydration. Very happy. (46)
Just to let you know: I have been using by now 2x ZeroIn on Pinot Noir and my other varieties-Malbec and Viognier- In the last two days we had about 100 ml rain, NO SPLITTING!!!. Pinot Noir is specifically sensitive at this stage, as it is close to ripeness [via BdNow on 7-3-2011] (46)
I have been using by now 2x ZeroIn on Pinot Noir and my other varieties-Malbec and Viognier- In the last two days we had about100 ml rain, NO SPLITTING!!!. Pinot Noir is specifically sensitive at this stage, as it is close to ripeness. (46)
Notes and Academic Papers
BioGro registered (NZ and IFOAM organic). ACVM exempt (4)

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