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SilicaMax or SM

Commercial formulation

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About the Preparation -

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Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Fungal control (4)
Fungal control, keeping qualities, drought resistance (46)
Grass yield (46)
Fodder (46)
General Appearance
Greater uprightness, harder and hardier. (4)
SilicaMax provides the structure plants need, (46)
SilicaMax is commonly understood to harden and strengthen plants. This aids fungal control, nutrition, ripening, enhancement, keeping qualities and drought resistance. (46)
Improved assimilation of nitrates into proteins (4)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Reduced fungal attack (4)
After talking with happy farmers who had used 'Silica Max' and "Etherics 1000' to enhance their winter grass growth I thought it was time I tried it. I never did any scientific comparing or testing but rather chose to spray the whole farm in Autumn so as to maximise grass growth. After completing a feed assessment I theoretically should have been short of feed over winter / spring. Instead we arrived at calving time with cows that had put on condition, some considerably, and enough grass to feed the cows through spring along with some supplement. It was easy to apply and I'll definitely be using it annually from now on. Thank you BdMax. (46)
The application of BDMax Etherics 1000 in the late Autumn and then followed up with Silica Max in early Spring has given us the ability to tweek the effects of challenging weather influences on our Dairy Farm. This has resulted in us seeing more even grazing patterns as well as more contented stock on what seems less quantity of grass. We have a liquid fertiliser spray programme in place and providing there is an opportunity where spraying conditions are practical , this fits sensibly into this. We do not necessarily apply to the whole farm, as weather conditions change, but find great value in having a tool to use when the need is there. (46)
Flower enhancement (4)
Generative organs
Ripens and keeps better (4)
Notes and Academic Papers
BioGro registered and ACVM exempt (4)
SilicaMax is usually only used once in the spring and then again once before harvest of any crop. Due to SilicaMax being relatively severe in its action, it should only be used after Etherics 1000 or prep 500. SilicaMax can be applied the next morning after either of these products, or even a couple of weeks after them if it suits your program better. From our experience SilicaMax has the same effect as the traditionally stirred product, however SilicaMax needs no further stirring. It is therefore very easy to obtain, store and use. (46)
SilicaMax ... is understood to bring a strong upright structure to a plant, by strengthening the cell wall. This has a wide range of benefits from increase plant health to an increase in plant nutritive quality. Interestingly trials carried out by various people, including some of our trials with HortResearch, have been unable to show any increase in photosynthesis through using 501. However simple observation shows it inclines plants to stronger flowering and better taste. This tendency to increase flowering is one of the reasons that we developed PhotoMax. We noticed that 501 can only be used sparingly throughout the season or it will impact strongly on the plants growth habit. So we looked into the other BD preparations to see how we could strengthen the 'silica process' and photosynthesis without altering the plants growth habit. Over the years we have found PhotoMax achieves both these goals. It can be sprayed every few weeks throughout the whole season, especially in times of low light, without unduly effecting the basic growth habit. Trials have shown increases in dry matter, increases in brix and - more recently - reduction in leaf nitrates, without plants tending to seeding. These two products perform different activities in the plant. SilicaMax provides the structure plants need, while PhotoMax works more on the internal chemistry of the plant through enhanced photosynthesis and all that this brings. We use both in our programs, however SilicaMax is usually only used once in the spring and then again once before harvest of any crop. We use PhotoMax mostly in regard to the available light. If there is a dull period then use PhotoMax regardless of the time of year. Early spring is naturally one of its prime periods as it helps plants get a very good start to the season. (From BdMax's Winter 2009 newsletter.) (4)

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