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Cimicifuga Racemosa

From the homeopathic pharmacopoeia

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Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Aphids (496)
Aphids (337)
Aphids (496)
Aphids (832)
Aphids (1531)
Spider mites (1540)
Aphids (1763)
Aphids on roses and rosaceous plants. (1810)
General Appearance
Apple was planted in spring, infested with green aphids (protected by ants) on the undersides of the leaves. Treated on July 4 with Cimicifuga 30 C, no change by today (July 7) (496)
Leaves blossoms and new shoots are curling and rolling up. (337)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Sticky coating on leaves (honeydew). (337)
Had aphids on potted pepper plants which were not responding to our herbal sprays for aphids - Applied cimicifuga followed by petroleum. The aphids cleared out and the plants regained vitality. (832)
Cimicifuga helped all of my plants with spider mites. I spreyed them C200 two times weeks apart and after two weeks one time Sulph C200. Aftet that no problems! (1540)
Roses were watered 1x with Cimicifuga. As soon as the next day, there were noticeably fewer aphids. The remaining aphids seemed less lively. Four days later, all the aphids were gone. (496)
My "darlings" - David Austin's Crown Princess Margareta - were constantly infested with red and green aphids, which I repeatedly removed by hand. There were also a couple of caterpillars at work; it had a rather weak first flowering; it was treated with Cimicifuga 30C on June 25 (sprayed and watered). Today (July 7) completely free of aphids; strong growth can be seen; nicely sprouting again plus three completely new shoots from the base and lovely multiple buds. I'd really say this was a perfect example of how well the chosen remedy can work :-) (496) plant was covered in black aphids (buds and flowers), and the aphids were not repelled even by repeat doses of the poison capsules... When I got my homeopathic remedies, I put a few pellets of Cimicifuga 30 C in a sprayer, shook it, and sprayed my hibiscus. The next day I could scarcely believe my eyes - the aphids were gone. (496)
Generative organs
Notes and Academic Papers
Sensitive to cold and damp.
Cuprum follows well. (337)
Coccinella is not the best for aphids, in my opinion... the remedy that is really fantastic for aphids is Cimicifuga... spray a few squirts per plant. (1531)
The aphids were gone in two days after one spray application. When the aphids returned three to four weeks later, I applied the remedy twice in 24 hours. (1763)

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