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Calendula Officinalis

From the homeopathic pharmacopoeia

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Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Transplants, pruning, storm or mechanical damage. Asparagus beetle, nematodes. In strikings or cuttings, Calendula will heal the wound and promote root growth. Calendula is part of the first aid four pack, a kit for plants containing Arnica, Carbo. veg., Silica and Calendula. These four remedies will cover most if not all problems connected with transplants of plants. (3)
Wilting (333)
Thinning out (496)
Canker (337)
Asparagus beetle (674)
Calendula is used in agriculture to assist with root damage, healing, wounds, and regrowth (1810)
Ants (1853)
General Appearance
Slightly or severely wilted after transplants. (3)
I recently rescued a severely wilted tomato seedling. The stem had broken off in a gusty win. I misted it with a combo of calendula 6X and carbo veg 6X. Good as new a couple hours later, even with no roots at all (I potted it with rooting hormone). (333)
I can also attest to the efficacy of Silicea, for late-planted & wind-stressed, bare root hornbeams. We thought we had lost most of a planting of 35. For a small edible woodland, this is quite a loss. Treated with Silicea after the workshop. Within 1 week, 28 had begun to produce new leaves, & a further treatment of Calendula brought back the remaining 7. (341)
Lacerated as by transplant (3)
After thinning out, young salad and tomato plants were watered in the greenhouse with Calendula 6D. They recovered noticeably quicker and grew magnificently. (496)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Canker growing in cracks (337)
I watered some Calendula 30c on the spears. Two days later, there was only one beetle, which was easily picked off. After that, some days there were none and some days just one. So there was a definite reduction in beetles. The new spears grew with no damage. Last year, towards the end of the season, all the spears were getting eaten and looked most un-appetising. (www) (674)
Leaf curl from stress on the plant, damage, pruning, and transplanting. Give Arnica followed by Calendula 48 hrs. later for these events. (1810)
Generative organs
Notes and Academic Papers
compared to placebo, the amount and proportion of amino acids has significantly varied, showing a statistical effect on the germination and seedling growth of the rice, as well as the stress conditions caused by the sterilization process, seedlings entrance into the light and their transition into hydroponic culture medium. (1758)
.. calendula ... had worked with another house for larger normal sized ants ... (1853)

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