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About the Preparation -

Preparation name
508 or Equisetum
Preparation category
Public domain formulation
Common Name
Latin Name
Equisetum Arvense

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Mycorrhizae (7)

Soil preparation for potatoes (442)

Top soil

Used on soil, 508 stimulates mycorrhizal growth. (7)

Soils should be treated with 508 the Fall [autumn] season prior to planting potatoes, as well as the early spring just prior to planting. (442)

Notes and Academic Papers

The preparation suggested by Steiner is a decoction and has the ability to bring order in the metabolism of the soil (250)

Effects on Compost and Manure -


Fungus (258)

Heap surface

I raise a lot of sunflowers here at Santa Barbara Sprouts and they were very sensitive ... I was having a lot of fungus occurring which was ruining my flats. The compost was prepared under a sycamore tree on a virgin site and seemed to be ready for use. Within one week after reworking the compost and spraying #508 on it a test flat proved to be without fungus and was viable. The problem was eradicated and the Prep #508 was the key. (258)

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