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About the Preparation -

Preparation name
Biodynamic 'compost' preparation 507 - Valerian
Preparation category
Public domain formulation
General description
Stimulates the plants to behave properly towards what is called 'phosphorus'.

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Soil temperature (44)

Top soil

The valerian preparation can also be spread over a crop to bring warmth. It raises the soil temperature 1- 2?C (44)

It is also worth noting that preparation 507, a specially prepared extract of valerian, has an attraction for earthworms (1041)

Effects on Compost and Manure -

Notes and Academic Papers

.. gives compost and manure the power to relate properly to phosphorus... and regulates .. temperature processes, and surrounds the heap with protective warmth. (34)

It is correct to say that the out-streaming scent of the flowers is the purest expression of the nature and activity of formative forces. In it, material substance is de-materialised to the highest degree..... It would certainly be wrong to see the valerian preparation as a phosphate fertiliser. Valerian contains no more phosphate in its ash than any other plant. What determines its effect are the formative forces concentrated in the valerian flowers..... The effect of the valerian flower juice in comparison seems to be a universal all-encompassing and unifying process. – one which can contain the rampant metabolic activity of the compost heap and turn it into a self-contained totality. (1565)

Effects on Climate -

Visual symptoms

If plants are covered with hoarforst in the morning, a second application of valerian will often save the situation. (34)

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