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biodynamic 'compost' preparation 506 - Dandelion
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Public domain formulation
General description
We need the silicic acid to attract and draw in the cosmic properties ..[and] there must arise a clear and visible interaction between the silicic acid and the potassium. [Through preparation 506 the plant will be prepared] to draw things to itself from a wide circle .. making the plant inwardly sensitive.

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Notes and Academic Papers

Plants become sentient, become sensitive, develop a kind of sense, a listening sense. [a plant] becomes sensitive to mineral substances. (26)

The right relationship between silica and potassium in the soil is encouraged. (34)

Effects on Compost and Manure -

Notes and Academic Papers

It is then explained that these surroundings do not merely extend to the root-filled soil around the single plant, but reach much further. This initially mysterious statement can be explained using current scientific knowledge about the symbiosis of plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi, which act as extensions to the root system and can link plants together over long distances. This network of fungal cells supplies plants with water and mineral salts in exchange for their sugars. the dandelion is given the ability to draw silicic acid out of the cosmos. The dandelion preparation is then able, via the compost and manure, to give the plants being cultivated the ability to find the substances that it needs for healthy growth in the soil and wider environment..... This as yet poorly developed sense organ can be completely blunted by the application of mineral fertilisers. But it can also be trained and become ever more active through the cumulative effect of the preparations we have been referring to here. And that is what it is about. Each and every one of the preparations bears the potential for developing the sensory organisation of the plant and thereby enhancing sensitivity towards substances and forces. (1565)

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