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Biodynamic 'compost' preparation 505 - Oak Bark
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Public domain formulation
General description
..restores order when the Ether body is working too strongly, that is when the astral cannot gain access to the organic entity. It 'kills' or damps down the ether body... if we want a rampant Ethereal development, of whatever kind, to withdraw in a regular manner - so that its shrinking is beautiful and regular and does not give rise to shocks in the organic life, - then we must use the calcium in the very structure in which we find it in the bark of the oak.

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Acidity (44)

Calcium deficiency (1041)

Soil surface

reorganises the land from excessive ethericity (250)

Notes and Academic Papers

The oak bark preparation will, over a period of time, raise the pH of the soil without the addition of lime. Agricultural lime applied to the land is made more effective where the oak bark preparation is used, and consequently, less lime is required. (44)

A compensation for calcium has been sought through the application of bio-dynamic preparations 500, 503 and 505. These preparations strengthen the resistance of a plant against calcium deficiency. (1041)

Effects on Compost and Manure -

Notes and Academic Papers

BD 505: Uses calcium and carbon to reduce nitrates to amino acids. Limits lush, undisciplined growth. Promotes good form. Protects against diseases and fungal attacks from the lime side-use in tandem with 508. (7)

The oak-bark collected in the autumn is energetically different from that collected in the spring. For the preparation the autumn bark must be preferred. (250)

All too often we find that a sudden spell of warm, sunny weather following a damp winter and spring causes masses of harmful organisms to appear, for example colonies of aphids. They are a sign of rampant etheric growth forces. The cosmic astral forces are too weak to keep these excessive growth forces in check. This is where the contracting forces of calcium can help, but not the acid remnant of carbonic acid (CaCO3) that is normally used. It needs a form of calcium that has structure, such as appears in the bark of the oak. (1565)

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