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Biodynamic 'compost' preparation 504 - stinging nettle
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Public domain formulation
General description
... arouses in the soil the disinclination that anything should suffer loss of nitrogen, or decompose, in the wrong way.

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Iron pan (44)

Soil structure (294)

Soil surface

I would normally be inclined to make a stinging nettle herbal ferment and apply that at 10 to 20 litres per hectare. Nettle has a wealth of silicon and calcium with half as much phosphorous as either-which is the proportion commonly found in rock or colloidal phosphate. But did you know that all these phosphate ores contain fluoride? Florida colloidal phosphate is the richest in fluoride, and is the one in Beddoe's book, but stinging nettle runs something like 7.3 ppm F, the richest in the herbal kingdom. In biodynamic circles valerian is generally thought of as the phosphorous prep, but time after time I've seen the BD 504 give a phosphorous response in the vegetative realm. Great stuff. (8 Aug 2011) (58)

Top soil

.. will on the one hand support the activities of 502 and 503, and on the other confer on manure and soil the ability to deal with matter and forces rationally and attune themselves specifically to the crop grown at the time. (34)

It seems strange that a plant which itself contains so much iron might liberate soil from its excessive iron, but it's not so odd if we think that the soil iron is mineral, while nettle is a plant. Therefore nettle brings an impetus of vegetalisation to the mineral iron thus bringing it 'into movement' and the nettle then transmutes it. (250)

If the humus has excesses the nettle within 504 is capable of putting it into order. (250)

... gives structure and puts order in the soil's organic matter. (250)

504 is one of the best preps to open up heavy clays and build humus, preparing the soil for nitrogen fixation. It improves the soil's porosity, unlocks micronutrients and protects against anaemia. (294)

Sub soil

.. an iron regulating effect. Many soils througout the world contain a large amount of iron, which cements the particles together to form what is know as 'iron pan'. The nettle preparation helps to break up these soils, releasing the iron. (44)

Effects on Compost and Manure -

Notes and Academic Papers

504 ... brings about a special kind of transubstantiation whereby the earthbound substances of potassium, calcium and iron gain properties that approximate those of nitrogen. Medicinal plants like yarrow, chamomile and stinging nettle have the capacity, through the strength of their etheric body, to release the physically dense substances of potassium and calcium from their imprisonment in form and bring them into movement. The substances of potassium and calcium by this route become ‘like nitrogen’ in that they become bearers of soul forces.... it is precisely this qualitative relationship referred to in yarrow, chamomile and stinging nettle that enables the hydrogen to dissolve the structure that binds potassium and calcium and release the astrality congealed within. It is a process of transubstantiation through which the boundaries set by nature are transcended.... It can only serve the good if it is also accompanied by a great soul transformation in the human being. Where this doesn’t occur it will cause destruction. (1565)

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