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Biodynamic 'compost' preparation 503 - Chamomile
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Public domain formulation
General description
Chamomile assimilates calcium (in addition to the potassium). [Manure thus treated] is a manure with a more stable nitrogen content and with the added virtue of kindling the life in the Earth so that the Earth itself will have a wonderfully stimulating effect on the plant growth. Above all, you will create more healthy plants - really more healthy - if you manure in this way, than if you do not.

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Resistance to calcium deficiency. (1041)

Top soil

Chamomile, dissolving any hardened soil that can be considered as blocks for free Life .... the positive effect on the growth of plants is not a direct effect of Chamomile, but the result of chamomile bringing order to the soil. This begins with the activation of living calcium that is able to stabilise nitrogen.... The harmonious soil is highly acceptable to the plant that is then able to grow under these optimum conditions. (250)

What Steiner suggests, in his long-sightedness, is to develop a real 'spiritual earthworm' because he understood that the earthworm would become increasingly rare and there is little choice but to replace it with something that was able to bring the same forces. (250)

Notes and Academic Papers

A compensation for calcium has been sought through the application of bio-dynamic preparations 500, 503 and 505. These preparations strengthen the resistance of a plant against calcium deficiency. (1041)

Chamomile works in such a way that the Ethereal is brought into flowing movement, thus pacifying the chaotic astral elements... and strengthens the ethereal over against the astral, while <a href="https://www.considera.org/materiamedicagricultura.php?remtype=3&rem=3">502</a> opens the ethereal for the reception of the astral. (20)

Effects on Compost and Manure -

Notes and Academic Papers

The same steps are carried out for the chamomile preparation as for the yarrow, but in the text of the Agriculture Course the second step, that of hanging up the filled cow intestines used as a sheath, is not referred to. It is, however, mentioned in the notes on the course.... there is some uncertainty regarding the indications given by Rudolf Steiner in the Agriculture Course and those in the notes he used in preparation for it. In the American edition they are reproduced as an appendix. On page 30 of these notes we find the comment: ‘Intestines – hang up’. (0)

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