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Biodynamic 'field' preparation 501 - horn silica
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Public domain formulation
General description
And if you use this mixture for spraying the plants (not pouring it on to them but finely sprinkling it) you will see, particularly in the case of vegetables and the like, that this has the effect of supplementing and reinforcing that which works out of the soil through the cowhorn manure [500].... then you would see how the cow-horn manure was pressing up from below, the other drawing from above, neither too weakly nor too strongly. And this could have a wonderful effect, particularly on cereals

Effect on Plants -

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation

Mineral release (58)

Soil surface

It is of no use spraying silica on the bare soil before the green leaves are there. (38)

501 has a number of effects on soils including release of locked in minerals and stabilisation (9-2-10) (58)

spraying 501 along with 500 on the soil of a winter afternoon in big droplets is an absolutely wonderful thing to do as it really builds up the silica forces for a great spring start (3/3/2010) (58)

After the reactor accident in Chernobyl in 1986 .... we immediately treated the arable land with horn manure (BD 500) and horn silica (BD 501) ...... Three weeks later two scientists came with various instruments to measure the radioactivity. All fields and pastures were tested, all animals and all our products (including the milk) were tested. The results showed no real increase of radioactivity over natural radiation which is always present. Measurement of our neighbour's farm showed a radiation in crease of 13%. The result on our farm was unbelievable for the scientists. One of them kept returning to find out how this could be explained. He observed the extraordinary effect of our spray preparations, and started to experiment with them himself, confirming their efficacy. (953)

Top soil

Normally it is used as a foliar spray permeating the region of the leaves and the atmosphere above the plant. It may also be applied to the soil, as in the case of the freshly cultivated land following an application of 500. There is even the possibility that it might be beneficial to inject it as much as 6 to 8 inches deep during cultivation, perhaps to dry out tight, wet soil. (294)

Notes and Academic Papers

Preparation 501 has a favourable effect only when it is used after 500. If the 500 has not been applied, it is better to miss 501 for that year. Tests have shown that plants grow weak where 501 has been applied without 500. In fact to miss 500 or to use 501 when 500 has not been applied are two proceedures equally bad. (197)

After the BD500 has been applied, the 501 can be applied the very next day. I believe the sooner after the 500 the better as this has a wonderful balancing effect on the land and atmosphere. <br> For some reason here in North America there has been much ider application of BD500 than BD 501. Yet, because of the lush nature of our continent, and especially becuase of the cloudy, rainy and forested nature of much of the American east, southeast and northwest, 501 can be especially beneficial and should be applled, if anything, more frequently than the 500. Undoubtedly this is much less true in the hot, dry and intensely sunny regions of the midwest, and south west. (294)

Effects on Climate -

Visual symptoms

in 1986 we had this terrible summer drought which lasted from May to September. All the fields were burned out. There was no grass for the cows to eat. ... a fine old lady said, "If it's really dry, you can spray 501 in the evenings, this will help the plants to stand up to drought conditions. Every evening in a three day rota I sprayed the field. YOu could not see anything happening to the grass, but these cows did not complain... they were not unhappy. They did not lose condition nor did they lose milk. The the manager of the feed mill asked me what I was doing. "The cows don't complain as any other would." He said, "the best you can do is to carry on with it." (632)

Notes and Academic Papers

As ozone depletion and greenhouses take effect its use will need to be reduced. (48)

Since the influence of preparation 501 is on the assimilative processes, it is not applied until the plant is growing well. As long as the risk of night frosts lasts in spring it must not be used. As a rule May is the earliest month for its use. [N Hemisphere!] (957)

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