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For 25 years I've been fascinated by one approach to tending the land.

Biodynamic agriculture and horticulture, also known as biodynamics or BD, has a strong foundation of organic husbandry and the results are increasingly valued both ecologically and gastronomically. But the defining biodynamic techniques are currently off the scientific map: 'preparations' are potentised and spread on the land or put in compost, planting is done after considering the position of the Moon Sun and planets, and weed or pest peppers are created to mitigate their damage! Hmmmm....

For these 25 years I have been caught in this tension between feeling in my gut that something was 'right', but not finding it easy to use my rational filters to evaluate the means to these wonderful ends. I assume I am not alone in having this dilemma.

I recognise the limited nature of statistics but those same rational filters crave carefully analysed experimental data as a 'reality check'. However, researchers have not, yet, come to a unanimous conclusion. For this reason I considered it a reasonable idea to collate experiences that people have had when planting by the stars.

Few of us can and will devote ourselves to sufficient diligent experimentation like Lili Kolisko or Maria Thun. However, we might each be able to do a little as part of a bigger team. (1000s of Maria Thun's calendars are sold each year around the world, and that's just one of the calendars out there.) In this way we might achieve conviction ourselves and perhaps be convincing for others. Considera offers itself as a central collation and analysis point for these results. This is one of Considera's motivating aims.

I am now familiar with biodynamics, and have become fond of it: partly because of its focused eccentricity, partly because it has taken personal investment even to come to a rudimentary grip with biodynamics, partly because that investment has exposed a very thorough foundation to biodynamic practices, and partly because it seems to be very effective at a time when benign effectiveness in agriculture is sorely needed.

Therefore, having enabled this site to collate and evaluate star-plant experiences, Considera offers the same for pest and weed peppering, and has uncovered a lot of interesting work concerning the use of potentised preparations for the soil and its creatures. This has lead on to a whole new initiative which strays outside the current boundaries of biodynamic agriculture.

All this is a bit presumptuous since no one has asked me to offer my thoughts on the web and I am no one's expert. But I fancied the challenge, gave myself permission, and now think something good may come of it ....

"In all these matters, I can only give indications, but as you see, these indications are capable of direct practical application. And as there is still the prevailing judgment - I will not call in prejudice - that all things must subsequently be verified, good and well! Set to work and verify them. If you do the experiments rightly, you will soon see them confirmed."  Dr Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 6 on Agriculture.


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