The (old) BDA is born

As a result of the split at the Swiss HQ of the Anthroposophical Society affiliations and memberships scatter throughout the anthroposophical world. Günter Wachsmuth stimulates the creation of a new collection of individuals for BD in the UK which is given the name The Biodynamic Association for Soil and Crop Improvement (and frequently abbreviated over its history to B-DA, BDA, and/or BDAA). Margaret Cross (Miss Cross) initially becomes secretary of the BDA at Kings Langley.  It appoints a new advisor, Hermann Popplebaum (who is absent in the USA for the majority of the war) even though Dr Pfeiffer (similarly stateside) straddles both the BDA and the now out-of-favour-at-Dornach AAF.

This split takes a good 15 years before the AAF and the BDA unify. Confusingly this new amalgamated UK body is called the BDAA or BDA.