BDA Council 11-39

BDA Council 11/1939

Almonds Hotel Cifford Street, London W1 – by the kind invitation of James A Ferguson

D Saunders Davies (Chairman), James A Ferguson (Vice  President), Miss Cross and Lady Mackinnon

Apologies – W Collison

  • JAF – coopted to the council
  • H Popplebaum absence in the USA was discussed – possibly indefinitely due to the war: Lady Mackinnon asked to be secretary pro-tem
  • DSD asked what the financial policy was – deferred to January
  • Miss Cross laid before the council the proposal to leave her property – The Priory, Kings Langley – to the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings with the proviso that the society should lease the property to the Biodynamic Association at a nominal rent in order that bio-dynamic research and training should be carried out there. The council expressed its deep appreciation of Miss Cross’s proposal which would, in the future, provide the centre needed for the bio-dynamic work and, meanwhile, would give an aim towards which it would be possible to work. [Verbatim]
  • Meeting terminated at 16:30
  • AGM provisionally fixed at 9-3-1940