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Out meeting tomorrow followed by experimental Circle the next day, then up to Sleights farm followed by an anthroposophical conference in Harrogate. The weekend after a conference on December 7 & 8 at Bray – “Anthroposophical Principles on Agriculture and Health.” I can hardly sufficiently emphasise the importance of this meeting of the medical and agricultural work. … we farmers and gardeners must study together with the doctors the qualities a healthy food must have. .. their medical knowledge and experiences will help us considerably in the veterinary work … Dr Werr has written a valuable and interesting report on his experiences with the treatment of animals with the remedies of the Weleda company…”

Flowers  response to BD treatment

Astronomical notes for December

Mitteilungen IV no 4 Table of Contents

Harmfulness of food as proved in the offspring – Pfeiffer

Food and poison – Prof Wolfgang Heubner

Veterinary preparations – Herr W Speiss