Christiane Maria ‘Kitty’ Henderson

A tribute to Kitty Henderson (3rd November 1929 – 26th August 2021) and early links to anthroposophy and biodynamics

Paul Martin

Last night at 8.35 pm, surrounded by family, Kitty peacefully crossed the threshold in Scarborough Hospital. She had received the last anointing the day before and was ready to let go and continue on her spiritual journey.

Kitty and Hendy arrived in Botton on the 24th August 1955 and were instrumental in helping to found the new Camphill Village initiative brought about by Karl König, and the families of the special needs children of the Camphill Schools in Scotland. Having agreed to initially come for a year Kitty and Hendy remained in Botton right up until 2019 when they moved to a retirement Village in Pickering to be nearer to family.

The Christian Community, Camphill and Anthroposophy were all very dear to Kitty and she quietly worked within their ideals throughout her long and meaningful life.

The family wishes to acknowledge all the lovely messages sent to Kitty as she prepared for her passing.’

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