AAF – 1st AGM

Inaugral AAF AGM

46 Gloucester Place, London

Elisabeth Vreede present & 50 members of AS.

Also a meeting of the Experimental Circle on the next day.

Mrs Pease – Hon Secretary of the AAF

George Kaufman – Chairman

Dr Mirbt gave a full report of the last 12 months

Mr EM Wood – treasurer – a full report and asked for “still more financial support in order not to let the work come to a standstill.”

Members spoke of their experiences. Gardeners’ associations recommended … “as it is advisable to observe very carefully the directions Dr Steiner gave about the qualifications fo the ,e,bership of the Experimental Circle. Dr Wachsmuth … has recently pointed out gain, who may become a member of the Circle and how the work is organised.

Evening: Elisabeth Vreede spoke about an early lecture of Dr Steiner’s “Chaos and Cosmos” read by Mr Kaufman.

The first Annual Report of the AAF recorded that: “Experimental stations are developing in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland, Hertfordshire and Kent” (Executive Council, 1929, p.32).

Paull 2011