ExpO N&C

Report of Dr Vreede’s visit

AGM and evening event on November 23rd

Experimental Circle meeting at Bray on November 24th

28th/29th – 16 friends came to the third Study Circle at Sleights farm. Dr Vreede lectured about “Astronomy and Meteorology.” – notes shared in this N&C ( …”the relation between the farmer and the stars must be based on love” – not numbers!)

Dr Mirbt’s reported on Frau Kolisko’s work – Moon and plant growth – and bread making

Mr Kaufman gave a lecture about his own space-studies – we eagerly await his publication on the subject.

Then on to Harrogate for the public conference on Anthroposophy. Dr Mirbt lectured on “Natural Science and Agriculture in the light of Anthroposophy”

Weekend following – “Conference on the Anthroposophical Principles of Agriculture and Health” at Bray. Mr Dunlop in the chair bringing things back to practical aspects. Mr Kaufman opened the conference giving the anthroposophical background for the further study of Etheric Formative Forces – all the following lectures developed this. We want an English edition of Dr Wachmuth’s book on the Etheric Formative Forces – perhaps now not too far off.

Farms in Gloucestershire and Essex have good prospects following this.

Thames flooded hence the shortness of this N&C – CAM had to move out of the Mill House.

N&C no longer to be free – now 1/- or 12 numbers for 10/- post free or more if you want. Only to members of the AAF.

Now on – full abstracts of Gaea Sophia, and reports of Mitteilungen of the Experimental Circle now to be a monthly periodical called DEMETER. Christmas edition of Anthroposophy has Cosmic Forces in Agriculture by Dr Wachsmuth, “Functions of the vitamins in human nutrition by Dr Suchantke, The Process of Nutrition by Dr Hauschkam a review of Gaia Sophia IV (Agriculture( by Dr Mirbt.

CAM to tay in Germany through January and go th te Dornach conference inFebruay

Astronomical Notes for Jan 1930

Mitteilungen IV No 5 ToC