ExpO Meeting

Science Room, Steiner House

23 members attended.

These reports are based on the minutes book of the EC – addressed to members, for continuity for those who cannot attend. It should hardly need emphasising that it is assumed that the confidential character of these reports will be preserved by all those receiving them.

The Christmas Imagination (October 6th 1923) read – standing in the sign of Mercury. What does that mean?

Compost heaps in the light of Salt-Mercury-Sulphur. Why did Steiner connect the Moon with Salt?

Mrs Meir talked of equisetum. Equisetum Arvense has tow distinct stems – a fertile one in March and a barren one in May-June. Most other horsetails only one. The latter is used for 508. [cf sporangia 508].

Mr Clement talked on grasses and clover and their function.

Mr Adams asked us to take seriousl that the plant is the negative of the plants as the etheric is the negative of the physical. The etheric is around the crystal – ie where there is silica in the equisetum thee are no etheric silica forces.

Lady Mackinnon and friends to be invited to the Circle