ExpO meeting

Science Room at Steiner House.

Dr Adams said that throughout 1923-24 RS sketched a new alchemy which is indispensable for understanding the agriculture course. It must also be borne in mind that the somewhat fragmentary nature of the agriculture course is due mainly to RS wanting to speak much more often on this subject. Some other lectures given during those autumn months to the workmen at the Goetheanum (eg Bees) are of the greatest importance to farmers and gardeners – soon to be available in English. 

The Michael imagination of October 5, 1923 – provoked much discussion… due to the fall Man grasps nature egotistically due to sulphur and our nervous system – the Gods pour down the metals as healers for this Iron in blood for instance to help from food intake. ‘504’ provides an new organ as a harmoniser making the manure intelligent. Sulphur is anabolic, phosphorus catabolic – RS uses these interchangeably! Both light substances but different lights. Quite new forces between cosmos and earth must be evoked – why R wanted the experimental Circle wanted a connection with the school of Spiritual Science.

Miss Edwards spoke on seasonal work with the preparations.

Mrs Wells gave lively account of how she described the working of the preparations to enquirers and many members spoke of the same issue. We have many different images which guide us!

Meeting unanimously made Mr Clement chair and Dr Mier secretary for 1946.