AAF – 11th AGM

From Secretary’s Letter #1

First for 7 years.

30 – 40 members present. M Wood in the chair.

M Pease – not present (accepts council’s request to be president) – sent a report of the last 7 years of activity. 426 members.

Miss Olive Mainland stands down but remains Hon Assistant Treasurer – C Meir is new secretary

November 1945 appeal has raised £550

Council resigned en-bloc. New Council: Mr G Adams, Mrs D Davy, Dr C A Meir, Cdr D R Brocklebank, Miss P Edwards, Mrs G F Mier, Mrs R M Cameron, MRs J Elliot, Miss O Whicher, MR D S Clement, Mr F Lambe. Mr E ME Wood.

Office has moved to Longbridge House, Warminster.

The experimental Circle will meet every month in 1946 and the AAF council meets at these occasions. Aiming for N&C to emerge 4x per year. Please send contributions and pertinent adverts