ExpO meeting

21 years since RS died – George Adams Leeds the remembrance.

Lucifer and Ahriman – Silica and Lime.

A member had just returned from Germany. A consequence of the starvation at Belsen – 1200 calories dropping to 800 in the last three months up to liberation – with a degradation of human behaviour. The member felt that Anthroposophy is the only effective relief.

Third session was Olive Whicher and she talked of the preparations in winter… what is above and what is below the Earth … living warmth … the crystallisation period at which time the depths of the Earth are under the influence of the infinite distances of the cosmos … processes in a spherical entity have a life within and a life without … physical and ethereal spaces … a sphere is the archetypal form of life – pure etheric life. Summer: forces of the Earth and this e of the Cosmos meet together around the Earth’s surface. In Winter they draw apart. The preparation herbs are gathered in the summer in the morning and spend the winter in the earth to eventually play the role of balance for the Earth – health: – see third lecture from Torquay in 1924 (True and False Paths.)

Commander Brocklebank show how he makes 501.

Mrs Elliot talked of plant associations.

Lady Mackinnon wrote to express her thanks for being invited to the Circle.

Equisetum needed

Holland needs preparations