BDA Council 11-46

BDA Council 11/1946

105 Great Purcell Street WC1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady McKinnon, Mr Rolf Gardiner, Mr Ferguson (Chair), Mr Murray-Usher

Apologies: Mr Maude

  • Letter from Mr Duffy re ‘Dinamic’ discussed at length. Would need inspection and supervision. Does patent office have provision for inspection?
  • Should there be a meeting of preparation makers? Safeguarded! A joint body?.
  • Committee to be formed at which “the question of legal protection for the making of preparations and their proper use and the sale of the products resulting from their use should be discussed in the presence of a competent and well informed lawyers” – proposed and accepted. Letter to this effect sent to Mr Duffy, Herr Meir and Mr Clements.
  • It was reported that the two parts of the Experimental Circle were now one. Discussion of the position of the Agriculture Course followed.
  • Price of preparations discussed. One set of 502 – 7 should be 4/- including postage. Additional sets to be 3/6. 500, 501 and 508 for later decision.
  • Dr Pfeiffer’s letter read re Lady MacKinnon’s proposed resignation of secretaryship, expressing her for her work. His request for a research fund was discussed – and a decision postponed.
  • MR Gardiner hadn’t got in touch with Lord Northbourne. Would ask him to review new edition of Pfeiffer’s book for Mother Earth.
  • Mr Thomas came to consult about being the advisor for market gardeners. She could start at Kings Langley
  • Miss Cross had not contacted Mr Wachsmuth
  • Perhaps Mr Pfeiffer could be invited to this Country next year?
  • New Council members suggested
  • List of members to be circulated
  • Price of printing news sheet
  • Garden of God pamphlet – £32 for 100 copies
  • Dr Pfeiffer’s new book would be ready in the spring entitled ‘Soil Fertility