Agriculture of Tomorrow

E & L Kolisko

This covers the most incredible body of work by Eugen and Lilly Kolisko. Important for the scientific debate over biodynamics but also for homeopaths. Rare to find a copy now but available in pdf from the Kolisko Archive.  Although published in 1946 this publication was ready in 1939. WWII got in the way!

The Secretary’s letter #2 knew of a prospectus and gave advanced notice in May of 1946 but still had not seen a copy. In the same issue mention is made of paper restrictions post war


It is a rather strange moment in which to write a book. England has declared war on Germany and nobody knows how long it will last. It is still stranger perhaps, that the book I am about to write originates from the German spirit, the true German spirit which has always been appreci-ated in the cultivated world.

We are in the midst of destruction ; the powers of war are relentless ; they are destroying the life of man, of whole populations; they are destroying master-pieces of art and cultural life. In such a moment it is imperative to acknowledge the immense need of constructive and regenera-tive powers.

I want to write therefore about the regeneration of agriculture, which is the basis of the physi-cal existence of men. Without’ proper food mediating life-forces to the human organism, human beings cannot grow strong and healthy, nor become able to develop the clear minds and moral strength we so urgently need.

The task of agriculture is overwhelming. e farmer and gardener help to build up the physi-cal body of mankind. ey work with the most valuable material we can think of-Mother Earth. Out of the earth the plant-life grows. e plants nourish the animals, and plants and animals contribute to our life.

This book will contain an account of scientific work carried out since 1920. Until the year 1936 I worked in the Biological Institute of the Goetheanum in Germany (Stuttgart), and since then in the Biological Institute at Bray, near Maidenhead. 

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner, well known as scientist and founder of the Anthroposophical Move-ment, entrusted me personally with the task of making all the necessary scientific investigations in connection with his Agricultural Course. Since 1924 I have studied all his suggestions for re-generating Agriculture. Many farmers and gardeners all over the world practise his methods; and for this there exist various associations bearing various names. I do not belong to any of them and have in mind to speak only of my own scientific investigations, holding myself responsible for them.

It is to be regretted that the original lecture course of Rudolf Steiner is not yet published and is only entrusted to a relatively small group of farmers, gardeners and other personalities in the form of a private manuscript. I restrict myself to the shorthand notes I was entitled to make dur-ing this course, held at Koberwitz (estate of Count Kayserlingk) and the innumerable personal suggestions I received from Rudolf Steiner. I am convinced that this will be sufficient to make the importance of the subject quite clear to every earnest reader and to enable him to benefit by this new agricultural method. Nothing will be withheld; this is no time for secrecy. Rudolf Steiner meant his suggestions for the whole world, not for a small group of privileged farmers. Only a real understanding of the wonderful organism “Agriculture” will make it possible to grow healthy food.


London, 28th September, 1939.