David Clement takes the reins

BDA Chair (til 1986!)

New Chair of the BDAA

David Clements, starts a long tour of duty as Chairman first of the Anthroposophical Agricultural Foundation, through the amalgamation, and on into the Biodynamic Agriculture Association. He wrote:

Mrs Pease was the secretary of the Anthroposophical Agricultural Foundation in the 30’s and she was excellent. She kept the thing going and I am sure she put money in to keep it solvent. In 1947 after the war, when she was in her eighties, she wrote to me and said ‘David would you take on my job if George Adams is beside you’. I said, ‘If I can, of course’….. At one particular Council meeting Doris Davy said something that upset Cynthia [Chance] and I said something in defence of Doris. The result was that Cynthia then resigned straight away. I was left high and dry with no secretary, I had to do it all myself. I had to cancel the conferences as I was occupied with Sunfield. I was also involved with the founding of Elmfield and I had my own farm. I had more than enough. I employed a typist one day a week. All letters accumulated for a week and one day a week I dictated answers to everybody as best I could. This went on for six years. I had to stop a lot. In her time Cynthia had arranged trips to the continent. I could not do this.