Organic Husbandry

A Symposium by John S Blackburn.

A remarkable survey of the challenges faced in post WW2 by the newly emergent Organic Movement with the introduction title: Food, National Health and The Soil

The author states that he is anxious to afford a means of introduction to the many aspects of this desperately urgent subject of survival.

Statements on ways to improve soil, plant, animal  and human health are described by Albert Howard, Laurence Easterbrook, Maurice Wood, Maye Bruce, Richard St Barbe Baker and Carl Mier among others.

Organic and Biodynamic cultivation and composting are described. Municipal waste, the planting of trees, wholemeal bread, the use of charcoal in woodland complete a tour de force on how soil, plant, animal and human health can be restored in the face of huge chemical fertilizer use. The best bibliography on organic subjects completes the work.