BDA Council 9-48

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Mr PH Thomas, Rolf Gardiner(Chair). Miss Savary, Miss Cross. Miss Fisher, Miss Thornton, Mr R E Raab, 

Apologies: Mrs Murray Usher, Lady MacKinnon, , Mr HGC Maude, Mr E Deer

  • MR Ferguson wrote in relation to the AGM’s suggestion he become Vice-President of the BDA. He had been strongly advised not to accept any office which entailed serious thought and discussion. He regretted having to say ‘no’. Kept a position open for a younger person.
  • Mrs Murray Ushers resignation accepted with regret
  • Arising: Despite the rejection of Lady Eve’s offer Mr Raab the council should accept and undertake some experiments at Haughley. ‘It was considered’ … that there were insufficient funds and the plot was too small, “Mr Gardiner replied and there followed a frank discussion which revealed very divergent views on the Amins of the work of the BDA.” Miss Fisher wanted Lady Eve thanked. “At this juncture mr Raab had to leave the meeting to keep another engagement”
  • Affiliation with the AAF: Miss Cross had been approached by the Chair of the AAF with a proposition for affiliation of the two associations. She briefly outlined the reason there were two associations ‘which were originally one – the Experimental Circle. After discordance due partly to personal jealousy, some members of the Circle seceded and formed the AAF. Dr Pfeiffer who disapproved of this action formed the BDA as a bridge between Dornach and the outer world.” It was decided the BDA should remain separate from the AAF, ‘keeping its own identity yet maintaining connection with the AAF through the experimental Circle, the united body to bear witness to Rudolf Steiner’s agricultural work. Miss Cross would send a letter to this affect to the Chair of the AAF.
  • As Mr Ferguson had retired from the Chair Mr Gardiner and Mr Thomas had been nominated which both had accepted. Miss Cross proposed Mr GArdiner as Chair and Mr Thomas as Vice Chair. Miss Fisher seconded. Candidate returned to the room and motion was carried. Mr Gardiner accepted and promised to give practical help to the association. Mr Thomas was entirely amendable.
  • Lunch
  • Preparation making was divided up
  • Membership applications
  • 10 resignations accepted with regret.
  • Miss Castelliz of the British Weleda Company might be coopted as a biodynamic advisor, MR Raab to liaise
  • Suggested meetings be in winter due to pressure of work
  • Dr Pfeiffer’s proposed visit probably next spring. To be invited to lecture at the AGM and publicly, Large poster!
  • Dr Meir of the AAF wondered if the BDA would consider co-publication of the green leaflet “BD Farming and Gardening” as stocks were running low. Decided ‘no’.
  • Publications
  • News sheet
  • Miss Fisher made full member of council at AGM and other members considered. Miss Fisher agreed.
  • Application for membership leaflet
  • Secretary’s honorarium – £25 – agreed
  • Miss Savoury kindly supplied a refreshing cup of tea!