Oaklands Park

During the preliminary discussions which have so far taken place the need to help young men and women to take over their own destiny was a predominant theme. At the existing Camphill training places, particularly at Coleg Elidyr, three definite stages are recognised. The first is the need for a new trainee to find his way into a team and eventually to find himself as an individual ; the second stage isthe learning to work through imitation and througha close relationship between the student and teacher ; and the third stage is the learning to accept responsibility for the work and to be able to work on his own . It is perhaps just this third stage which is not fully covered at the Schools or at Coleg Elidyr and which would be covered by a training scheme at Oaklands.
The proposal that the work at Oaklands Park takes on this threefold nature is felt to be an impor-tant step in the development of the whole of The Camphill Village Trust. To embrace ‘under one roof’, as it were, an economically independent community, a grant-aided workshop community and a fee-paying training community is felt to be a new and right step towards meeting the needs of today. But a great deal of water will still have to run under the bridge before the whole scheme is clearly seen. There remain large practical difficulties such as shortage of money to develop the buildings to their full potential.
The above is but a short description of the hopes we have for Oaklands Park as a whole. There are other hopes, or maybe dreams, of finding new ways of financing such a venture, of starting rural industries related to the land, of a financially viable workshop.