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From 4th to 10th September 1929 15 – 20 people gathered at Bray. “Every day found us active in garden and laboratory. And most of the lectures were somehow connected with Nature. The Etheric Formative Forces, the knowledge of which is so essential for our work … Mrs Merry led us with her lecture “How the Earth arose” … “Some of Nature’s Secrets” … “Man as Spiritual Being”… Mr Sheen from the New School gave us lectures about “Geometry”  and “The Fundamentals of Chemistry.” with experiments … Mrs Francis “The Threefold Man” .. showed us how necessary it is for our agricultural work to keep in living and practical touch with other branches of anthroposophy  .. it became clear, that we must avoid from the very beginning any attempt to specialise and to separate. This tendency of separation is one of the reason that agricultural science of today came into such a cup-de-sac.”

Astronomical notes for October

Gaea Sophia – (Year book of the Natural Science Section of the school for spiritual Science) – Ed. Dr Wachsmuth. Vol IV 1929 – “Agriculture” Orient-Occident Verlag – table of Contents

Soul calendar  – E C Merry

About fruit trees