ExpO N&C

This issue late … due to my journey … brought me to Northumberland, to Scotland, Sheffield, Ilkleston. More to the south of England will follow. “Altogether, the impressions are rather hopeful and encouraging, if we only make sufficient efforts, to realise always, that our work is based on and fundamentally linked to Anthroposophy. For this reason, I had to open this time again our number with an article that links the practical work once more with the more esoteric side of spiritual science.”

Second article on the earthworm from Gaia Sophia. “The reaction of the earthworms in biologically treated soil,” extract. Irmgard von Grone-Gültzow

Some excellent results in Badenia (nr Lake Constance) even in the first year – peasants after a Pfeiffer lecture – now 400 farmers make experiments.

Mitteilungen (messages) IV # table of contents

Seed treatment and keeping of potatoes

Astonomical Notes for Vreede’s Calendar

EC merry on Steiner’s 12 moods