ExpO N&C

Presentations made at the Experimental Circle Conference at Coleg Elidyr November 21-22 1992 (?)

  • Word abstracts from Ketherine Castelliz

Acronyms like ADAS etc. the real thing is hidden – RS warned against them. A question of consciousness

  • Hazel Straker

Helio- and geo-centric views. RS talks of the real movement being a progressive lemniscate (Inner aspects of Evolution 1 – 10 – 1916) Earth a quarter lemniscate behind the Sun. So 2x per year we cross where the sun has been before. Priests of Isis used these times to listen to when the seed should be sown. We should now reawaken to such things

  • Equisetum as Genus – and field Spray
  • Letter from Felix Lambe
  • Note from Katherine to Felix
  • BD field trials in Scotland 1990 – 91 – J Anderson

Results given at Exp O conference 22 November 1991: The Organic Farming Centre Research Project at Jamesfield Farm, Newburgh, Fife in November 1989. eg final yield results in tons/ha of Cara Potatoes

Manure only                      50.91 (103%)

Manure plus BD preps    54.58 (110.9%)

BD Preps only                   49.72 (100.7%)

Control                               49.39 (100%)


  • Kieth Skipper on the meadows at Plas Dwbl