ExpO N&C

  • Introduction
  • Potentised 501

Personally I use potencies of 501 when I need a small quantity or when there’s no one around to stir more. I shake up and down and right to left. If you look at the liquid at the end of the down-stroke you can see a lemniscate forming in your bottle. It forms and is gone again. 501 on lettuce when the heads are formed there is danger of bolting 501 will prevent this. We had a bed of lettuce standing for fully four weeks which otherwise would have been wasted

  • Circle Conference

13 > 15th November in North Wales. Theme preparations. Alan Brockman 504, Henry Goulden 502, Helen Cole (Ag course on Chamomile), plus Jimmy and Pauline. Katherine – christian approach to agriculture

  • Michael Schmundt > 1991 conference

Long paper available “Soul and animal nature”

  • Control of cattle worms – Ainsworth’s homeopathic recommendations
  • Appeal for prep making assistance from Jessica and Mary-Ann – Tim Clements is now ill and cannot make the preparations so our supplies are depleted