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  • The Realm of the Elementals

Notes from K Walther after RS visited, passed via Vogele and translated by Katherine Castelliz. “The elemental beings … play their part in life of plants. They used to be guided by higher beings who now withdraw from this activity toter to higher tasks. So the elemental beings are left o themselves and other spirits (Lucifer and Ahriman) take them away from the tending of the plant world. The consequence will be a deterioration of the spiritual forces in plants. Eventually they will be completely stunted and no fertiliser, artificial or otherwise will be of help. Man must learn to take possession of the realm of the elements and find a connection with the elemental spirits. He must, so tp speak, take over and become master in the realm and hinder other powers from taking them over. he must try so to influence the elemental spirits that they continue to foster plant life. People who are able to do this will be priests among farmers. If such connections cannot be made, in a few decades mankind will see a steady decline in quantity and quality of produce and it will not be possible to find any help. Undines help forming the dew – these sprints are also about to seduced away from their activity .. dew will cease to form. … Another task is to accompany … the spring with our physical body, summer with the etheric body, autumn with the astral body, and winter with the ego. This will give different moods spring winter and spring grains. For the animal kingdom man must connect with the group souls of the various species… instincts are on the decline … in contact with the group souls we can make good this loss … or they will eat plants ¬†poisonous to them.”

  • Hazel Straker’s contribution
  • Henry Goulden observations

A season of heat and dryness – perish due to the low sunspot activity? … too much UV form the sterile layer above us .. sun is burning us. But we had good yields of all veg but lots of irrigation. 5 months without hen eggs! Bees treated homoeopathically for varroa