ExpO N&C

  • Understanding BSE – domestic animals and changing ether climes
  • Alan Brockman’s contribution to conference;¬†Moon activity in agriculture
  • Alan Hall: re 500

Two samples of 500 are of different quality. Mahaaibari (strong clockwise spin at the atomic level) is better that Tablehurst which is of little use. Crucial! clockwise (transforms physical substance), anticlockwise (etheric energy into physical substance – harmful for organisms) or no spin. Difference is in their preparations, not handling etc: careful collection of the muck, a right handed person in a clockwise direction. But even the Mahaaibari 500 does not now work due to the em radiation form satellites. One can sort this by exposing the 500 to sunlight before it is stirred (10 minutes enough) in a black polythene (transparent to etheric forces) container – preparation is now stable.

  • Jo Bradley: observations of 1995
  • Miles Heasman: observation on 1995