ExpO Conference

Clement (Chair) and Corrin (Secretary)

“The Living Earth” Walther Cloos and more – Joan Rudel reported:

  • Barbara Saunders Davis on the correspondence between geological periods and Earth evolution in the anthroposophical Creation myth – published inStar and Furrow
  • A tour of Peredur – much of which is moving to Cornwall in a year or so
  • Warble fly eradication order
  • John Soper’s Carrot fly success with chopped nettles. Member experiments?
  • Business meeting: “we experienced the usual succession of psychic thunder and lightening followed by a rolling away of clouds and a return to a peaceful sunny landscape, with only distant mutterings of thunder …” [A heated and inconclusive debate took place when Anthony Kaye raised the question “Is it right to sell the BD Preparations?”]
  • Horn and Albuminous atmosphere – K Castelliz – notes attached
  • Limstone and chalk – Alan Brockman – notes attached
  • Coal and Oil – John Soper – notes attached
  • Salt – Siegfried Rudel – notes attached
  • Grange Kirkaldy – 501 on soil!
  • The Living Earth to be continued to the next ExpO conference (1979)