Rudolf Steiner House with 25 members

Chair spoke of a proposal to move the office to the Goetheanum Science Foundations building at Clent Grove – George Adam’s old office – big enough for council meetings etc Revised edition of Herbs in Nutrition ready in the new year.

New Secretary needed and new office so subscription increased from £4 – £6.

Secretary’s report:80 new members but 64 left. Conferences at Hawkwood and Scotland. Another 1000 hardback copies of the Agriculture Course and 4000 soft back were printed after £2000 was raised – half in loans. 2 stirring machine have been constructed. The Australian one is on loan to a farmer who is deciding on a purchase. HH Koepf, George Corrin and self spoke to the ASinGB and hope for greater cooperation. Mr COrrin does a LOT including time at Emerson College

Treasurer: the general situation is very satisfactory at the moment.

Election of MR F M Hewasman and re-election of Anderson, Budd, Castelliz and Brockman.

Conference 1978: äter ignoring the discussion The Tree was decided upon.

Tributes paid to Mrs Doreen Archer-Houblon and Dr Engel who both died recently.

A discussion on insect plagues, eg woodlice, earwigs and left miners.


Mr Christopher Budd: “The task fop the Distributor”