ExpO meeting

Science Room, Steiner House, London – 18 members and 17 apologies.

George Adams absent so David Clement read the 4th Archangel Lecture (12 Oct 1923) .. we realised how important it is that there are farmers who carry such pictures with them through the seasons…. the processes of con design adn dissolving matter … the polarity of cosmic (crystallisation and densification) and terrestrial (amorphous condition of matter) forces … reference was made to L Kolisko’s experiments showing a difference in crystallisation in Summer an Winter. We must hope that the forthcoming book will give details, as we could not arrive a any clear picture or conclusion…. we must recognise not only polarities but especially also how polarities are balanced.

The Application of 501 – introduced by Mrs Mann … polarities which must be visualised as “living tensions” …the task of all cultivation must be to assist the plant in expressing its own being and in living with these wider polarities … Voegele’s experiments described in full as in Notes and Correspondence March/April 1930 and Mrs Mann suggested we experiment along those lines … wheat a good subject.

Plants with pressed, rolled, black wet soil in the growing moon give more sturdy leaves, strong, light coloured, ‘blown up’ and corpulent ‘earthly’ plants. Plants grow in loose, hoed sandy and dry soils in the waning moon give slim, long, sensitive intensively green plants – more cosmic. …. a playful attitude is fine as long as we learn from our mistakes. A winter crop of lettuces was greatly helped by 501