BDA Council 3-45

BDA Council 3/1945

Room 7 at the Caxton Hall, Caxton Street SW1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady MacKinnon, and Mr Ferguson (Chair), Mr Rolf Gardiner 

Mr Murray-Usher (detained in Scotland), Mr Collison (detained in Dorset)

  • Proofs of Practical Guide due from printers. 4/6′. To be sent to The farmers and Stockbreeders, The Farmers Club, Wallace Hall Academy, Newsletter on Compost, Farmers Weekly, The Scottish Farmers
  • BD Farming and Gardening English by Faber and Faber? Terms discussed.
  • Newsheet 18 proving popular.
  • Dr Wachsmuth had not replied
  • Correspondance. Miss Cross saying it is hard to get across that BD is more than just making compost. ¬†Difficult combating pests in S Africa. Import permits required to send preparations. Preps should be made in S Africa!