BDA Council 1-45

BDA Council 1/1945

Room 7 at the Caxton Hall, Caxton Street SW1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady MacKinnon, and Mr Ferguson (Chair)

Mr Rolf Gardiner (prevented by weather), Mr Murray-Usher (detained in Scotland), Mr Collison away from London.

  • Broadcast question deferred
  • Proofs of Practical Guide in hand
  • EP consented for BD Farming and Gardening English edition after some revisions. Rudolf Steiner Book Centre and Publishing company interested?
  • Audit fees
  • Since 1943, 6 members have resigned, 2 have died and 2 more killed in action. 160 living members!
  • Newsheet 18 being prepared
  • Mr Duffy offering BD oats
  • Dr Wachsmuth to be asked re Mr Maude and Mr Philip Thomas to speak at AGM
  • Correspondance. BD Mentioned in This Plot of Land
  • AGM in May June at Alliance Hall